Monday, September 29, 2008

Favorite Foto Monday?

Since I haven't posted much lately I have a little collection of pictures I would like to share. Enjoy!

Dodger game last week

Brooklyn being cute

Baby Blake after a cookie

Surprise bday party Ricks mom and sister put together for me

Sunday, September 28, 2008


Logan got bitten by the goal bug yesterday at his soccer game! Our team was down 3 points when Logan scored his first goal. I think he was so excited and loved the feeling so much he couldn't stop. He scored 2 more times after that for a total of 3! We won 5-4. I know we are not supposed to keep track but I was so excited for my little boy. He's such a good player and has almost made several goals (too bad we have goalies here Amelia ha ha) You should have seen the look of triumph on his face. He kept waving his fists up in the air like saying "yes I did it" to himself. So so cute. We were so proud. A feeling you can't even explain. Anyway of course it was the one game I forgot the camera or video camera. Bad mom (slap on the wrist!)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

{My Kid is the Best Soccer Player Ever!}

Ok so maybe that statement isn't entirely true but parents are allowed to be biased, right? In my defense I have to say there are not many of the 4 year olds who are as motivated as him! He LOVES playing. If he has to sit out for a quarter he's angry. For a four year old he's the most aggressive on his team and competitive too. Not sure if that's good, but it really is the cutest thing when the other team scores and he looks at me and says "boo mamma" giving a thumbs down signal (it's very discrete ha!) Ok so they don't keep score at this age, and probably he shouldn't be such a bad sport, but who wants to crush his DRIVEN personality? NOT ME!!! haa haa

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

{Brooklyn's Bag}

{My Homemade Trick-or-Treat Bags}

I thought since I've been quite the sewer, and I never know what to sew using that holiday material, I would make these bags for candy! This one is for Logan. Brooklyn's is a cute Hello Kitty material, so I will post pictures when I'm done with hers.

And it's REVERSIBLE how cute is that

If you're wondering there is no pattern. I pretty much came up with this after talking ideas with my MIL, but if you want to know how just let me know.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

September 11th

Today marks the 7th anniversary of September 11th, a devastating attack on our homeland our Country. I remember this day like it was yesterday. I was getting up to get ready for classes and like any normal day (before kids) I flipped on the news. I couldn't believe my eyes. What I thought was an accidental crash, turned in to being a HORRIFIC day, that will always be etched in the minds of Americans who were watching or sadly lost a friend or family member. As I watched the news I saw things that I will never forget. People tumbling/ jumping from windows, people running the streets, blackness etc. It was horrible. Most businesses and schools closed. Our nation had been attacked, it was not plausible. Now, seven years later, I like to remember why we are fighting for our freedom and put so many lives in harms way to do so. And for me, even though I may not agree on reasons for War, I do appreciate the men and women who do. Who are risking their lives so that nothing like 9/11 happens again. Thank God for these people and take a moment to remember the innocent people who lost their lives this day 7 years ago.

What ground "0" looks like now July 2008

A memorial across the street next to fire dept. that responded first and lost several firefighters.

It was very sad to be there in person even so many years later. I couldn't help but cry when listening to their stories. Really there was a point it was so sad Rick and I just had to take off the head phones because otherwise it was going to be a depressing day...

Monday, September 8, 2008

Deceptively Delicious?

Have you heard of this book or own it even? A friend was telling me his wife checked it out at the library and they love it. Written by Jerry Seinfeld's wife, it's all about cooking with puree vegetables so it tastes the same if not better and your kids won't even notice. I think I might get it, sounds good to me. My kids really do like veggies, we all do here. But why not sneak more nutrients into our foods, especially if it tastes great? I don't think it's a great alternative if you kids refuse to eat vegetables, only because if you have to sneak them in will they ever learn healthy eating habits? But whichever way I think about it I think it sounds like a healthy no harm there approach. What do you think? Anyone have it yet?

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I'm feeling a lot better, so I started creating!

I wanted to make my best friends little girl a special 1st bday present, so I found this great tutorial for a 1/2 apron. I think it turned out pretty cute, so my first one like this! I want to make her mamma a matching one! Here's the link for anybody interested. She was very thorough which made it pretty easy. I know my model is a boy, but my girl model would not cooperate! hee hee

Monday, September 1, 2008

Tomorrow is the day...

It's the day I finally (hopefully) get fixed. I'm having a small surgery to "see" what's going on and hopefully fix it. How nice it would be to not get UTI's all the time. Funny thing is aside from the flu, I've felt great lately! But still I'm a little nervous. Anytime a hospital and anesthesia are involved it makes a person nervous, right? It's an in and out thing so I'll be home in the afternoon, but they said I would be sleepy all day. I guess the silver lining (as Amelia would say) is that I get to sleep the day away. Most of you moms know what a fantasy that is! I'll be back Wednesday for an update and what the Dr. finds.