Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hurry up summer!

Actually I usually hate summer. I cannot stand the heat here. But with warmer days approaching I am actually looking forward to playing in the pool. Remember a couple weeks ago when it was scorching? Well Logan was begging to swim, so we heated the jacuzzi (the pool is still so cold) and went in. They had so much fun. Definitely water babies!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

New Toy!

Since we're not going to Europe now, thanks to the ever increasing airline prices :-( we decided to get a new toy to make up for it! Yay can't wait to go camping now!!!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Coaster Ride

Yesterday we took the train down to San Diego, with Rick's parents. It was a lot of fun. Logan loved the train! And it was nice to relax and not drive for a change. It was my real firs time on the coaster too. To top it off we came a cross a SD fire truck. I tried to get Logan to take a pic when the firefighters came out to their truck. They wanted me to get inside and take a picture. So I climbed in for a snapshot. They kept wanting me to get in on one of the seats and get another picture. Since Logan was scared I took Brooklyn, who happily got in and took a badge sticker from them (Logan would not) It was fun! They were so nice to us! I love San Diego, and really miss living down there! At least it's still close for a visit for the day.

Friday, April 18, 2008

#1 Decorating No NO

Today the kids were napping and I was getting some much needed down time. So I turn on my favorite channel (HGTV) and veg out. Just so happened that the show "25 worst decorating mistakes" was on. I like these kind of shows, mostly because I like to see other people's really bad decorated houses! I was feeling pretty good when the show was all the way to number 2 and I hadn't made even one of the mistakes previously mentioned. Then the number UNO mistake starts and not only am I an offender, but I am in a huge way. FAKE FLOWERS/PLANTS. OMG I can't believe this! So I start looking around my house and realize that I have 11, yes 11 fake flowers/plants all around my house. I get up, start looking around and think "Do people come over and think wow fake flower overload!" I remember my sister once saying "You like fake flowers huh?" I didn't think too much about that comment except yeah, I do. Now I'm thinking that I need to banish a few and problem is, I really like them all. But here's the deal, I'm going to try and replace some of these with different things and yes maybe a real life plant! ANy ideas? Here are just a few of my offenders, and I have to say parting will be such sweet sorrow!

Big Boy

Logan is such a big boy now. Lately he's been waking up before everybody and taking care of himself. Instead of the usual waking me up and crying for cereal or chocolate milk, he just comes downstairs, pulls out a chair and gets down a bowl and pours himself some cereal. Then he turns on the TV and just plays. I can't believe how big he is. He also likes getting sissy cereal and he's also very particular with which bowl he uses. Funny!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

The House that Ruth Built

You may or may not know but Yankee's stadium will be torn down this year the the end of the season. It's the most famous stadium in baseball history and has been coined "The House that Ruth Built" The first game ever played there was on April 18, 1923, almost 85 years ago to the day. Anyway that being said Rick and I have decided to take a little 4 day trip to New York and see a Yankee's game. I'm really excited because I've never been to NY and we plan to see a Broadway play, which is something I have always wanted to do. Rick is super excited to see the stadium before demolition day. Tickets are sold out, but there are plenty on ebay and really who cares what seats we get!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Some more house pics

Here are some more of the latest changes we've made. We took the TV out of the front room and made it a sitting room, like it's supposed to be. Hung the TV in the TV room above the fireplace. I like it so much better!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

There's Still Hope

Logan has been obsessed with hats lately! He wants to wear all of Rick's hats and he changes them all day. You won't see an ANGELS hat in that collection though!

Although our pool is still way too cold he had fun running back and forth with the boogie board!

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Sharing pics of the kitchen was fun, so since I showed my furniture, I thought I would show it to you in the room. The only thing missing are the shams, which came today, but I'm too lazy to put them on and take another pic (also Rick's sleeping and he may not appreciate that pic!) So here is it. And a pic of the bathroom that I've been slowly working on, working with what I've got until we get some other mayor projects done. What do you think?

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


I'm posting these pictures at Amelia's request. We've recently done a lot of work to our kitchen! Looks different huh?

Hands full huh?

So when the time for grocery shopping comes, I get a little nervous. Not because it's a lot of money or because it takes me forever to prepare, it's merely the task of taking the kids with me that makes me cringe. Yesterday was grocery shopping day. I was a little more nervous yesterday for two reasons: One I had to go at nap time (never a good idea) and two I waited so long to make this trip we needed a lot of food. Those of you with kids understand. So we get to the store and Logan wants to drive a car. Fine with me it's easier if they both drive and I can speed shop (remember that show supermarket sweep?). But it never ends up that way! Logan is driving, Brooklyn is screaming and now she wants to be held. Between holding her, her screaming and trying not to knock Logan's head off on an aisle (he likes to hang his head out of the little car) people start to stare. I'm trying to drive and my kids are screaming. Logan is pulling stuff off the aisles and throwing them in the cart. Brooklyn won't ride, she has to be held. Forget about bargain shopping at this point I'll grab the first thing I see. Anyway after many a stare and plenty "Looks like you got your hands full" remarks, I begin to checkout. Whew I made it!. So it's the easiest part and when I'm all bagged and ready to go the clerk asks the inevitable "Do you need help out" I say well that depends on the kind of help, do you babysit? Ha! I was thinking the real help I need at the store is, either someone to help me with the actual shopping or a built in childcare center in the store much like IKEA has. Wouldn't that be great?

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

For the Birds

The finished product
The last few weeks since spring has sprung, I've been trying to find fun things for the kids to do especially Logan. So we went to the craft store and got a bird house to paint. Logan had so much fun. I can't believe how much better he is getting at painting and drawing etc., in a matter of a few months. He was so happy. He kept telling me "Thanks mom, you're my best friend!" How cute. For dinner we're making homemade pizza!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

I LOVE garbage bread!

Kids say the darnedest things. Tonight I made dinner for the kids and I. We had pasta, green beans and garlic bread. First off Logan couldn't get over the fact that the pasta sauce had olives in it. He said "it can't have olives they will get all dirty in there" After he got over the dirty olives, he decided that they were really good. The funniest part though was the garlic bread. Logan was eating his piece and he said "Mommy, I LOVE garbage bread" Pretty funny huh? Well he went on to tell me that it looked like garbage too, so garbage bread was in fact a great name for the GARLIC bread hee hee. I love when they hear something and take it for something totally different. I mean what 4 year old knows what garlic is anyway?


There's nothing like perfect weather, a great game (we won 5-0 against the Giants) and a Dodger Dog! We went to opening day on Monday and had such a great time. It was just Rick and I, no kiddos, so what a relaxing day it was. To top it off we WON! That's right the Dodger's are the greatest team ever! he he. Can't wait for autograph day!