Saturday, August 30, 2008

Make sure you watch your kids at our house....

or...hee hee I think this is so funny I had to get one for above our doorway!

First soccer cheerleader!

I made Brooklyn this little dress to wear to Logan's soccer games. It's green like his uniform. I would like to add a pocket that either says "Dragons" or has a picture on it. We'll see how creative I can get with it.

The back comes complete with a number 6, which is Logan's number of course!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

{Random Pictures as of Late...}

My organized storage closet. Yep this makes me really happy =-)

Pillowcase dress I made Brooklyn

Rick and I on our Anniversary

I do LOVE chocolate cake!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fun things for kids to eat

Let me start by saying that is not a picture of something I made, rather a picture I found and am going to make. Some kids will eat anything, mine are not those kids. It's a battle to get my kids to eat much more than a few items, McDonald's being in the top 10! So I am constantly looking for ideas to make foods fun. Today I tried the lady bug apples. They were a hit with Logan. He said "Mommy I do like apples" and ate the whole thing. So I found a few more recipes, one is the above pictured and another was blue jello cups with gummy fish in them. I want to find healthy snacks though, so if anyone has a fun healthy snack tip let me know! I have done the different snacks in the cupcake tin, that was fun, but they still only picked around the stuff they liked. So any suggestions? BTW- I can't wait to get my family fun mag cuz it has a ton of great food tips!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

What Have I been up To?

Well I painted a wall in the family room a pretty light blue and painted the kids bathroom. I love the changes I made. Sometimes a little paint makes a huge difference. It really brought out the colors I have accenting the house. The kids bath was so blah. I wanted a brighter room and always want to use yellow, so why not? And we had chocolate pizza which was a huge hit! And easy to make. Got it off that Flip Flop applesauce blog.

First Soccer Game Ever!

Today was Logan's first soccer game ever! I have to start off first by saying that I am so proud of him. He was such a great player! He wanted to play the whole time, even when he had to sit out he wanted in. And the whole time he kept with the ball trying to score. At this age they don't keep score, but let me say we got KILLED by the other team. There were some big kids out there! I wanted to ask for birth certificates ha ha. But more than anything I'm glad he liked it and I hope he continues to have an interest to play. Rick took some great pictures with his fancy camera, I'll post those later. For now here's a bit of an action shot =-)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

{You'll Love this Magazine!}

If you have kids you have to get this magazine. My sister gets it and every time I go to her house I cannot believe how many good ideas it has. Finally, I ordered my own. 10 issues for 10 bucks. It has tons and tons of craft ideas, crafty food ideas, recipes, school ideas, mom advice, organization etc. Really check out the website. It's affiliated with disney. You will love this magazine!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Looking for an EXCELLENT read?

After talking books today I remembered one of my all time favs. This book is actually being made into a movie with Brad Pitt as the producer. One of the main characters is going to be played by Rachel McAdams (the girl from the notebook and wedding crashers) Anyway this book is a page turner! I would recommend it to anybody. Rick read it and liked it too. Here's the premise:

The love story of Henry and Claire whose lives are punctuated by Henry's disappearance to different points in time--sometimes even back to visit Claire as a young woman. When Henry meets Claire, he is twenty-eight, and she is twenty. He's a hip, handsome librarian; she is an art student with Botticelli hair. Henry has never met Claire before; Claire has known Henry since she was six...

I promise you won't be disappointed! Especially if you love a love story with a twist. I do!

Great Website for your KIddos

If your kids like playing on the computer you have to check out this site. My mom recommended it to me. It's great for preschool age. It has abc's, numbers and reading plus so much more activities. Logan loves it. I love that he's learning at the same time. Check it out. Kid tested Mom approved!

How do you wake up on the right side of the bed if your kids woke up on the wrong side???

Ok so the night before last and yesterday Logan had this weird fever of 102. There didn't seem to be anything else wrong, he was just kinda no himself. I don't know about you but I feel bad when my kids are sick, but on the other hand it's kinda nice when they are so calm and sweet. That brings me to today. Both kids woke up extremely grumpy! Logan was crying for no reason, so I made him stay in his room for awhile while I got Brooklyn situated (who soaked through her diaper onto my sheets ugh) Then when I went to get Logan he decided to pee on his floor! Yes pee! That made me pretty upset. To top it off I found a hole in our newer grass that the dog dug! Oh man what a morning. I can't wait for today to either get better or be over, because I am really looking forward to opening ceremonies tomorrow! Ha and look it's only 8:30!

What's up with the Olympics?

Is it normal to have this many issues with the Olympics? I don't really know. But it seems that everyday I read the news it's a new issue in China. From not letting people compete because of some silly smog protecting mask, to a little girl not cute enough to sing her new song and today allegidly China has let some underage girls compete? Personally I can't see why we held the Olympics in China, except maybe to make the country that produces most of our goods happy. It seems to me that there have been a lot of China related problems already? What do you think? Maybe it's normal?

Saturday, August 9, 2008


So tonight after her bath Brooklyn said "Doop mama, diaper" Which means Poop I want a diaper. After I confirmed this I figured "Hey this kid is ready for the potty, I mean she told me to put a diaper on her for heavens sake!" So I took her to the bathroom and put Logan's old spongebob seat on the toilet and "tried" to put her on it. I could've been more like forcing, just depends if you were looking at it from my view or Rick's view from the door. Although I'm sure the shrieking is what lured him upstairs to begin with. After seeing all of your kiddos on the potty, with big boy underwear, I thought she was ready, but I was grossly wrong! Anyway I googled "potty training" and I found some interesting things. Here are a few. And one picture of what I can assume Brooklyn thinks is going to get her when she sits on the toilet!
Toilet Monster

You have to get this book it's great

For those with boys

Maybe record some encouragement?

Breaking Dawn Review

Let me first start by saying there are NO SPOLIERS here. I did enjoy the book, it only took me 2 days to read the 750 page beast! There are a lot of people who did not like it. I'm sorta ambivilent on the matter. I liked the book OK because I love the other 3 books and I couldn't wait to read what happens next, but this book IMO did not fit into the other 3 sagas. Please someone go and read it so we can talk. THere are a lot of things that I didn't like and kinda ruined the innocent Bella and Edward love story. I will say this. If you have a teenage daughter reading this series (the book says 12 and up) I would stop her from reading Breaking Dawn. I do not think it's appropraite for a 12 year old! This book is much more mature than the previous 3. So go and do me a favor and read it, so we can talk about it! I want to know what you think.

Friday, August 8, 2008

All's Quiet on the Blogging Front

Where have all the bloggers gone? Nobody? Think of something clever to blog about already!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


We went to Campland on the bay (San Diego) over the weekend. That's pretty much why I've been absent. That along with all the laundry and cleaning to do when we got back ugh! (Ok and you're right Letti I have been reading Breaking Dawn haa haa) Anyway the kids had a great time with their cousins and us adults had a blast too. First time camping with my family, it was really nice. Here are some beachy pictures.